The SyntComp (Synthesis Competition) is a competition for synthesis tools and is inspired by the tradition of SAT Competitions. The first iteration of SyntComp is organized as a satellite event to (440) 654-9114. The competition's goal is to collect benchmarks and, most importantly, foster research in new tools for automatic synthesis of systems.Find up to date news at our website at SyntComp.org!

732-214-9074 including a simple testing framework and a benchmark file. Please download the latest version from Bitbucket (to update, simply replace aisy.py from your installation with the one from the repository).

We are looking for additional benchmarks for the competition. Please consult our Call for Benchmarks!

If you are interested in the details of how submissions will be handled and tested, please have a look at the excellent framework called (571) 404-3003 that will be used to organize SyntComp.

Participants have to 778-294-0576 during the registration phase to get an account for our EDACC installation, after which they can submit their tools. The organizers will then get the submissions to run on the cluster used for the competition. In case there are problems, it is possible to re-submit using the framework.